China Mall - Flea Market.

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China Mall is, as its name suggests, a place where one can buy Chinese items. These range from Chinese fans through to kitchenware, tools, artificial flowers, sports equipment, clothing (including illegal knock-offs), jewellery and electronic equipment. And the kitchen sink!

Many people from neighbouring countries, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Nambia, Zimbabwe and Mocambique (and even further afield) come here to stock up on supplies to sell in their native countries. A fair amount of South Africans based in smaller centres also make their way here to stock up for their spaza shops, the name for local stores in South Africa. 

There are dozens of smaller shops in the centre, and most of these specialise in one or other thing. Also located in the general geographic area are two other big centres with similar shops. On the corner of Main Reef Road and Park Street is Dragon City, and China Mart is south off Main Reef Road and signposted from Main Reef Road. Ask for directions from any of the store assistants or the security people at the gate. 

One should not expect to buy African items here. It is the "China Mall". 

I generally purchase party items, small gifts for conferences and workshops like fans and torches, small appliances for home (one offs), stationery and fashion jewellery. I also buy my stockings here. 

The reason that I thought to add this tip at this time is because I am on my way there now to purchase a desk lamp and some torches. I will see what other lighting delights I'm tempted into while I am there. I need some permanent charge lights for the various rooms of my house for power failures and ... :-) 

Buying in bulk and buying one offs have two very different price structures. Check with the assistant which is the price that is marked. Stock price is the bulk price. Individual prices are up to double the stock price.

 Cnr Main Reef & Production Roads, Crown Mines

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